A holistic process where the core aspects of your business influence the strategy, from the ground up.


Getting Started

Before starting any project, doing the right research and planning helps ensure that your project is successful. Our projects start with a Piloting phase as a way to help you understand where you’re going, how long it will take, how much it will cost, and what challenges you could face along the way.

After our session, you’ll have a clear and concise roadmap that will help you solve the problems your business faces as quickly, safely, and economically as possible. 

  • Phase 1: Discovery

    We’ll go into more detail about you, your company, your customers, and your business model. Our team will learn more about your project, and specifically what goals lie behind it.

    We’ll dive into the project in more detail, and establish exactly how this project will be beneficial to your business and yield a return investment. What defines success? What defines failure? The more we learn about your business, its problems, and the goals that you have, the better we’ll be able to help you define a roadmap to reaching those goals.

  • Phase 2: In-Depth Analysis

    We’ll spend the majority of our time really digging into how the project objectives at hand can be answered to. What should be done? What maybe shouldn't be done, at least not yet? Together, we will put together a start-to-finish gameplan for the project. We’ll also ensure that before we start down the path of executing on your project that you have a good understanding of how much time and money will be required.

  • Phase 3: Project Brief

    After the session, our team will spend a few days doing additional research into the problem domain of your project, including spending the time to really investigate any of the challenges that we identified during our time together. We’ll produce a Pilot document that details exactly what was discussed and brought to light during our session together, in addition to creating functional requirements, initial sitemaps, peer analysis, project timelines, and an updated budget.

    We’ll produce a report that details exactly what was discussed and brought to light during our session together, and we’ll also provide recommendations for next steps. 

  • Phase 4: Execute

    With a strategy in hand, we can confidently begin creating and implementing. This could include identity design, web design, web development, UX, UI, copywriting, or all of the above. Every one of our projects is unique and tailored to fulfill the goals of your business. Let's get started.