John Green


New York Times best selling author and all-around nice guy, John Green, approached Rubric with a problem: he had way too many websites. We needed to create a singular online resource where everything that the press, industry folks, and die-hard fans needed could be found quickly and easily. After interviewing John's team, we determined that the main goal of the new site was to act as a comprehensive directory. But there was something a bit off about this approach. John Green has one of the most devout fanbases you'll find amongst modern writers. His book The Fault in Our Stars was not so much a best-seller and beloved movie, but rather a cultural phenomenon among his young adult readers, and beyond. So we quickly realized that aside from being functional, this needed to feel personal. 


An Open Book

We created a split-screen interface that mimicked the experience of reading an open book. This was a fun way to bring the user into John's world. We used this device throughout, delegating the left panel as a cover page of sorts, with a scrollable right panel assigned to hosting a wide variety of content types (podcast episodes, YouTube videos, upcoming events, etc.).

Books - Interior.png